Real estate with children: imagination and telepathy.

por Redacción | 1 agosto, 2023

Part of my job is to arrange showings of large, detached houses for sale or rent.

These houses are generally intended for families with children, so children often accompany their parents on these occasions. Frequently, these are foreign families with limited time; therefore, it is quite usual to visit between 4 and 6 houses in one go. If this is the case and children are present, they eventually become exhausted and bored.

Years ago, faced with this recurring situation, I came up with a trick that I still use when the circumstances allow, and the child is between 5 and 8 years of age. As I mentioned, I cannot always do this because certain variables are involved, and if they are missing, the trick might not work.

At some point between visiting the first and second house, after having interacted with the family, I turn to the child (or children) and explain that, although I sell homes, my real vocation is telepathy. I explain what telepathy is and suggest that, perhaps, I can prove it to them at the end of the visit by guessing their thoughts. At this point, I sense their absolute disbelief but also their boundless curiosity. It is not difficult to see this in the eyes of a child when you talk to them about fantastic or unbelievable things, especially if they don’t know the person they are talking to. It is one of the two endearing moments of this trick that I enjoy as much as they do.

Throughout the showings, as I explain the features of each house to the parents, I remind the child to pay attention to the details of the house and to concentrate, as this will help me establish a mental connection (while the parents and I can enjoy a more relaxing experience). Actually, it is just a matter of maintaining the suspense and creating the necessary atmosphere until the denouement. I am always serious when addressing them; I use an adult tone in my approach but not in my content, which is pure fantasy.

On entering the last home, I ask them to pay close attention to the tour because, at the end of it, I will use my powers of telepathy to enter their minds and guess their thoughts. When we are about to say goodbye, pretending to have almost forgotten the subject, I solemnly ask the parents’ permission to read their child’s mind. And here is the outcome: I ask the child to concentrate while I close my eyes, I pretend a bit, I tell them they have a lot on their minds (laughter from the parents), that they shouldn’t use their smartphones so much… but that I’m still going to try:

– Think about the part of the house you liked best. Wait, I add intensely and in surprise, I can feel your brainwaves. They are coming through clearly…

– It is… the pool!

The child can’t believe I got it right. It’s always the pool if it is big, has something special, and is clean.

But most of all, I know I’ve guessed correctly when I hear the child ask their parents how I did it. Be that as it may, even if the trick goes wrong, I would like to think that I have brought a bit of cheerfulness to the showing, that I have eased some of the child’s boredom and that perhaps they will keep that memory for a while.

Kind regards and a happy summer to all!

* (by the way, if there is a big pond with goldfish, that would probably be their first choice).

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