The 5 best houses on the La Finca Residential Estate in Madrid

por Redacción | 10 septiembre, 2017

La Finca is clearly one of the most luxurious residential estates in Madrid together with La Moraleja. Situated in the municipality of Pozuelo, in the northwest of Madrid, it has become one of the most sought-after options by large fortunes and celebrities in the country thanks, above all, to the level of security and privacy that the neighbours enjoy. Today we shall introduce you to the five best homes we have in our real estate catalogue.

At Promora, we offer our customers the most spectacular luxury homes in La Finca (Madrid).


1.- Villa in La Finca with a floor area of 2,700 m2: Price: € 20,000,000

This stunning villa located in Los Lagos, the most exclusive area of the La Finca residential estate, is one of the most expensive houses you can buy in Madrid. Its 20 million euro price tag is justified by the quality of the materials used in its construction, its size, more than 2,700 square metres of living space, and, particularly, the size of the plot on which the house stands. Almost 14,000 square metres of private gardens. More than one hectare on one of the residential estates with the most expensive land in Madrid.

The villa boasts a modern style of architecture, with straight lines and a spacious interior, based on three floors that, as can be seen in the images accompanying this report, give the impression of only one. This effect has been achieved by building the ground floor partially below ground level and hiding the rooms on the top floor behind the large façade walls. This results in a façade that is not too high and, in turn, enhances the feeling of privacy. The villa is accessed through an open hall with a pond illuminated by natural light streaming through a skylight. This area leads to the staircase and to a few steps leading down to the living room area. Adjacent to the living room, we have a huge kitchen with two islands and a daily dining area for ten people. The kitchen also features large cupboards with glass doors to store tableware. The lounges and the kitchen provide direct access to the terrace and the garden.

The bedrooms and the more private rooms can be found on the top floor. The villa has five bedrooms with their own bathrooms. The lower floor consists of the areas dedicated to leisure and services. There is a complete gym, a heated pool, a cinema, a games room with a snooker table, and a garage for nine vehicles. The villa also features a guest house attached to the main building with four bedrooms and a large rounded outdoor pool. You can find more information and photographs of this villa at this link.

luxury villa La Finca This stunning luxury villa in La Finca is one of the most expensive properties in Madrid
Hall luxury villa in La Finca The entrance hall is noted for its pond and natural light
Games room im villa La Finca The games room includes a snooker table among other luxury items

2.- Villa with a floor area of 1,900 m2: Price: € 11,000,000

Also situated in the Los Lagos area of La Finca, this villa is one of the most impressive properties on this residential estate. It has a floor area of almost 2,000 square metres built on a one-hectare plot of land with extensive lawns noted for being completely flat and free from trees. It consists of three floors. A spacious main floor with the villas shared areas, a small top floor with the main family rooms, and a semi-basement that features a heated pool, a cinema, cellar, rooms for the staff, and a large garage for up to ten cars.

The main floor consists of a large living room with very high ceilings and a fireplace, surrounded by a glazed gallery, the dining room, a library, a spacious kitchen, and the guest rooms. Large windows ensure the shared areas enjoy natural light and provide direct access to the outdoor pool and to the covered and outdoor terraces. It has also been possible to provide the semi-basement with natural light by means of interior patios with gardens and corridors that separate the façade from the garden.

Villa in La Finca Other villa in Los Lagos area of La Finca
Living room of villa La Finca The living room is noted for its size and height.

Villa heated pool The villa’s heated pool.

3.- Villa with a floor area of 700 m2: Price: € 3,400,000

A smaller property than the previous ones and built of more traditional materials, such as brick and clay roof tiles, this villa stands out for its large, open-plan interior spaces and modern design. For example, the great entrance hall with a corridor that is more than four metres wide, or the living room in several distinct atmospheres with high ceilings. The 700 square metres are divided among three floors. The main floor consists of the entrance hall, a lounge with a home cinema system, the kitchen, a guest toilet, and the great living room with a fireplace and dining area. The first floor features the master bedroom with a private terrace, a fireplace, a dressing room and a bathroom. There are another three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a lounge that can be used as an office, bedroom, or lounge. The basement includes a games room, a storeroom, an apartment for the staff consisting of two bedrooms, and the garage.

There is a private pool and a 1,000 square metre garden that has been designed to provide the inhabitants of the villa with the greatest possible level of privacy.

Espectacular villa in La Finca The brick facade

Entrance espactacular villa The great entrance hall with a four-metre-wide corridor

Living room villa The completely open-plan living room with high ceilings.

4.- An 800 m2 villa for rent. Price 16,500 euros/month

Given the reputation of the La Finca residential estate among foreigners transferred to Madrid to work, particularly, football players, the area features quite a number of luxury homes for rent. An example is this modern 800 square metre villa based on a single floor and built on a 3,000 square metre plot. It consists of an entrance hall, a spacious living room with six-metre-high ceilings, a dining room, a kitchen with a large work area, the master bedroom with two bathrooms and separate dressing rooms, four additional bedrooms, each one with an en-suite bathroom, a lounge, staff quarters, a guest toilet, and a laundry room. The garden features a private pool and outdoor parking spaces for six cars.

Villa for rent in La Finca La Finca also features amazing villas for rent.

Terrace and swiming pool La Finca The terrace with stunning views.

Main bedroom villa

5.- Flat in La Finca with a floor area of 550 m2: Price: € 2,000,000

La Finca is particularly known for its villas; however, there are also blocks of flats in this residential estate. These are usually not very high buildings, three or four storeys at most, and have nothing to envy regarding quality, price, and size of luxury villas. For example, this ground-floor flat has a floor area of more than 500 square metres, its own garden, and a private pool. It is divided into three floors with an excellent layout. The main floor consists of an entrance hall with a guest toilet, a lounge, an office that can also be used as a guest room with a bathroom, a kitchen with access to the garden, the main living room, a separate dining room, and a terrace. The first floor has six bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and the master bedroom with a dressing room. The semi-basement includes a multi-purpose room, a gym, a storeroom, and access to a private garage for seven cars. See more flats in La Finca residential.

Private garden pool flat in La Finca This flat has a private garden and pool.

Flat covered terrace The covered terrace in the garden

Living room with fireplace The living room includes fireplace