The luxury of living in Chamartín

This is a recent municipality when compared to the neighbourhoods located nearer the centre of Madrid. The area was developed in the mid-twentieth century as the city grew. It is divided into several neighbourhoods; however, Promora only offers properties in the most exclusive areas of Chamartín. For example, in El Viso, a former residential colony of single-family homes that has been transformed over time into one of the most sought-after and privileged areas in Madrid. The prices of the properties have not been affected by the real estate crisis and they are always an excellent investment opportunity. The part of El Viso that is nearest the Paseo de la Castellana consists of buildings with spectacular flats and lofts. Other neighbourhoods in the municipality of Chamartín that merit mentioning are Ciudad Jardín, bordering the renowned neighbourhood of Salamanca, and Hispanoamérica, with more modern buildings surrounded by parks.

Living in Chamartín is a priceless experience. There are top quality houses and buildings, commercial areas, schools, and a complete public transport system that connects the area with any point of the city.