Live in the Chamberí area

Chamberí is another of the classic districts of Madrid. It is a very short distance from the historical centre and features wide, tree-lined avenues. Consequently, it is ideal for people who like the city centre but prefer a quiet place to live. As in the case of the other stately neighbourhoods, Chamberí is noted for its buildings of great architectural significance. Its streets are full of extraordinary modernist, neo-Gothic, and neo-Mudejar buildings that have been preserved in perfect conditions.

Chamberí is divided into six different neighbourhoods: Gaztambide, Arapiles, Trafalgar, Almagro, Ríos Rosas and Vallehermoso; each with its own characteristics. Almagro and Trafalgar are the most luxurious and exclusive areas as they are closest to the Paseo de la Castellana and boast the best buildings and mansions in the area. Ríos Rosas is a more popular area where you can find more humble and smaller properties. Arpilles, and above all Gaztambide, are the more commercial and busiest neighbourhoods in the district. They are many shops and leisure establishments and, therefore, their streets are livelier and busier than those in the other areas, which are of a more residential nature.