Residential estates in the north of Madrid

The north of Madrid, along the A1 or Burgos Road, is an area where several luxury residential estate with stunning villas can be found. We are referring to the residential estates in the Jarama area. First of all, we have Fuente del Fresno, which consists of villas on plots of land ranging from 1,000 to 3,500 square metres. A little further on, we have the residential estates of Ciudalcampo and Santo Domingo, on either side of the motorway. Ciudalcampo consists mostly of single family homes on plots of land measuring at least 2,500 m2, and with a 10% planning permission, which makes it a very green and open area with oak trees and bushes. Santo Domingo is very similar to Ciudalcampo. Valdeagua is a little further away. Small, peaceful and almost unknown, it is divided roughly into 250 plots measuring between 1,300 and 3,500 m2 with detached houses.

The most outstanding features of these residential estates are their strict security, as they have only one access point with a barrier and 24-hour security, and their environmental wealth, given that extensive green spaces provided. And, finally, their neighbourhood environment. These are gated communities with their own social clubs where all the neighbours get to know each other.