Would you like to buy a new flat or villa?

This is an excellent time to buy a new home. Prices have stabilized, and given the increase in the value of second-hand housing you can find new homes at competitive and interesting prices. Second-hand housing, even when renovated, cannot match the quality of a brand new property. They are more comfortable, practical, and functional. New housing provides many benefits. The quality of the building materials used and the facilities provided guarantee long-term durability, or more comprehensive community services, which, in many cases, include pools, gyms, gardens and sports areas. Add to this, greater energy savings and the provision of the latest home automation technology, enhanced security, and a home adapted to modern life.

We are a family business established in 1975 that employs leading professionals who make up a solid and united team and share the same goals. And this has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction. We have agreements with the leading national and international property development companies, many of which reach exclusive marketing arrangements with us given our in-depth knowledge of the luxury real estate market. We have new property developments in various locations in Spain, especially in Madrid and in the most prestigious coastal areas. Trust Promora when you decide to buy a new flat or villa. Our goal is quality.