The district of Salamanca, the stately area of Madrid

The district of Salamanca is clearly the most stately and exclusive neighbourhood in the city of Madrid. Living in this area is a luxury. It is noted for its incredible buildings with stunning façades, its large stately flats and impressive lofts. This has always been the neighbourhood preferred by the high bourgeoisie of the city to establish their residence, and this is reflected in the quality of the constructions. Today, it is a select area where the most exclusive shops can be found in Madrid, as well as the famous Golden Mile. Thanks to the actions of the City Council in recent years, the neighbourhood of Salamanca has become the ideal place to live in Madrid. There is now less traffic, new bicycle lanes, and wider pavements. This has resulted in a neighbourhood that is ideal for walking or doing sport.

Currently, many of the buildings are being renovated and some new luxury developments are being built, which means that the real estate available in this area never ceases to increase. If you are interested in renting a flat or penthouses in the district of Salamanca, please contact our office in Ortega y Gasset Street so that one of our real estate agents can provide a more personalised service.