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From our real estate agency located on the prestigious residential estate of La Moraleja, we handle all the properties we have for rent or sale on the residential estates in the north of Madrid.

Gonzalo López-van Dam
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Gonzalo López-van Dam
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Promora moraleja


  • La Moraleja

    La Moraleja is probably the most acclaimed luxury residential estate in Spain. Located to the north of Madrid, in the municipality of Alcobendas, it features villas and terraced properties.

  • El Soto

    El Soto borders La Moraleja to the north-west. It mainly comprises residential estates with many different types of flats and terraced houses that all feature communal areas consisting, in most cases, of a pool and sports facilities.

  • El Encinar

    El Encinar is a luxury residential estate that borders La Moraleja to the north. It features three types of properties: flats, terraced houses, and detached houses, most of which are in private enclosures.

  • Arroyo de la Vega

    Arroyo de la Vega connects La Moraleja, El Soto and the town centre of Alcobendas. It features two distinct areas: one with high-rise housing and the other with office buildings and commercial premises.

  • Cuestablanca

    Cuestablanca is one of the smallest residential estates in the area and features terraced houses and flats with communal areas and gardens.


If you would like to contact our real estate agency in the La Moraleja residential estate, please call or visit our office.

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(Next to the Pharmacy)
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