If you need to sell or rent your luxury home in Madrid, contact us so that we can determine the actual value of your property based on our extensive experience in the luxury real estate market.

We are happy to appraise your property without obligation.


  • 1.What price do I ask?

    The selling price of luxury homes is the first crucial point. Our appraisals are based on closed transactions and not on the prices displayed in the various advertising channels, which often reflect the over-ambitious intentions of some owners. Excessive pricing often makes the sale impractical. That is why we aim for a perfect balance in our appraisals.If you would like to have your property appraised now, click here, or contact our offices

  • 2.Am I sure about the legal and real estate registry status of my property?

    Before putting a luxury home up for sale, it is essential to know the legal, administrative, and fiscal situation of the property. For example, knowing whether the house, flat or office is in the name of an individual or a company, Spanish or foreign, at what price it was registered and in what year, and many other details. At Promora, we shall advise you on the best option in each case.

  • 3.What real estate agency shall I hire?

    When choosing a real estate agency to list a luxury home for sale, it is important to consider their years of experience, the references of friends and acquaintances, their commercial actions, and their international partners. At Promora, we collaborate with major companies worldwide, such as Keller Williams or Signature Residences Worldwide, to reach our potential international clients.

  • 4.Is there a plan?

    Not all luxury home sales or rentals require the same approach. Studying our clients' deadlines, expectations, and many other factors will give us the key to dealing with each operation. At Promora, we study each property and its owner's situation in detail so that we can propose the quickest and most suitable solutions when it comes to selling.

  • 5.How do I prepare the property for a visit?

    In today's competitive market, first impressions matter. Check the condition of the luxury home you want to put up for sale. This is the perfect time to fix anything out of order, paint it in light and pleasant colours, free the rooms of unnecessary objects, and even add small stylish details. Then, our excellent photographer will do the rest. At Promora, we will give you free advice on how to proceed and spend as little as possible to sell your luxury home in Madrid.

  • 6.Where and how do I advertise the property?

    To find the perfect buyer or tenant for a luxury home, your property must be advertised in a media-savvy but intelligent fashion. In addition to our website, www.promora.com and other partner sites with which we work exclusively, we shall offer you unique channels, such as www.lamoraleja.com and the printed magazine of the same name.
    We also have a strong presence on the most important digital media platforms in Spain.

  • 7.Who will show my house?

    Let our sales experts conduct the visits to your luxury home for sale.
    They know the customer profile better than anyone. It is better if you do not intervene during the visit unless you are asked to do so by the salesperson. Doing so often makes prospective buyers/tenants feel uneasy.
    Even if they try to be polite and friendly, they will not voice their impressions sincerely. If they show interest and the customer wants to revisit the property, your presence may be necessary and relevant. Trust our team: they know what they are doing.

  • 8.How do I receive any offers?

    Our team will contact you immediately if there is a bid for the sale of your luxury home in Madrid.
    Demand transparency at all times; at Promora, we love our clients to get to know each other... if they want to.

  • 9.Who will help me with the paperwork and closing the deal?

    Our sales agents are skilled negotiators who will strive to secure the best deal for your luxury home in a friendly atmosphere.
    The key points agreed by both parties will be recorded in writing.

  • 10.And then?

    After signing the sale of your luxury home, we like to keep in touch with our clients in case any further issues arise: documentation from the Autonomous Community of Madrid, the tax authorities, the homeowners' association, etc.


We only work in the most exclusive and sought-after residential complexes and neighbourhoods in Madrid. We are looking for luxury flats and penthouses for sale in the most central areas of the city, such as the districts of Salamanca, Justicia, Chamberí, Retiro and Los Jerónimos. We are also interested in luxury homes for sale in the Chamartín area, especially El Viso, Paseo de la Castellana, and Puerta de Hierro. In the outer areas, we work mainly in the nearest and most luxurious districts, such as La Moraleja, La Finca, Somosaguas, and the residential complexes of Aravaca and Pozuelo de Alcorcón. We also operate in the new northern districts of Las Tablas, Sanchinarro and Montecarmelo.

Our offices are strategically located in these areas for the convenience of our clients. If your property meets these requirements, please click on the area where it is situated to find the nearest office to your property and list your luxury home in Madrid for sale.


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We are a family company that has been working in real estate brokerage since 1975, when we opened our first real estate agency in La Moraleja. Today, we have 4 offices; one in each of the most exclusive areas of Madrid and a team of 50 professionals to offer our customers a unique real estate experience.

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