Promora, the luxury real estate agency in Madrid

We are the most highly rated real estate agency by our customers thanks to a dynamic team and our in-depth knowledge of the luxury real estate market.


Why Promora

  • 1.Because...

    Because we are a family company that has been working in real estate brokerage since 1975, when we opened the first real estate agency in La Moraleja.

  • 2.Because...

    Because after so many years we understand that professionalism it not at odds with a friendly service. We are proud to learn, to listen to customers and work hard until we achieve what our customers need.

  • 3.Because...

    Because every person in our commercial and management teams lives in the area where they work. This implies a profound knowledge of the area: we can provide our customers with very valuable additional information.

  • 4.Because...

    Because Promora works in several languages, which enables us to work with multinational companies and expatriates from many countries.

  • 5.Because...

    Because we cooperate with the best professionals worldwide to reach our customers, wherever they are. Our properties are advertised internationally by leading companies in the sector, such as Keller Williams or Signature Residences Worldwide

  • 6.Because...

    Because our commercial team is really a solid and united TEAM working towards the same goals. And this has a direct bearing on customer satisfaction.

  • 7.Because...

    Because, after closing a sale or rental operation, we become your neighbours: a great responsibility that implies a high degree of commitment.

  • 8.Because...

    Because we understand what moving house entails and, therefore, we try to minimise the impact by offering a first-rate service.

  • 9.Because...

    Because we have created our own media systems based on our own marketing strategy, such as (and the paper magazine of the same name) that, in addition to advertising and announcing our properties, has become the most prestigious guide to La Moraleja; essential if you want to learn about the area.

  • 10.Because...

    Because we organise unique and elegant advertising campaigns in addition to providing our customers with relevant information.


The most important aspect of a real estate agency is the people that form the team.

At Promora, we are always looking for the best. Our management and commercial teams consist of people with extensive knowledge of the real estate market and of the area where they conduct their business.

We are a solid team, united by the same goals... and it shows.


We like to listen to and learn from our customers. We try to establish a close and friendly relationship with the people involved in our transactions. This is the reason we are the luxury real estate agency most highly valued by its customers.

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At Promora, we know how important it is to be close to our customers. For this reason, we embarked on an expansion project years ago so that our real estate offices would be available in all the luxury and prestigious areas of Madrid. Today we have branches in the north, in the residential estates around the La Coruña Road, or in the very heart of Madrid with our branch office in the district of Salamanca.

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