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Luxury properties for rent in Madrid

Rent your luxury home in Madrid with Promora. We are a real estate agency specialized in luxury real estate rentals in the most prestigious and exclusive neighborhoods and developments in the city of Madrid. In our select catalog of real estate properties you will find homes in the most recognized and desired areas of Madrid: luxury apartments and apartments for sale in the Barrio de Salamanca, luxury villas in exclusive urbanizations such as La Moraleja, La Finca or Aravaca, or penthouses with stunning views in the most coveted neighborhoods of the Spanish capital. Discover how to live a luxury Madrid.
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9,000 €

670 m² · 8 bedrooms · 8 bathrooms · PA8587

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180 m² · 4 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · A6037

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3,000 €

200 m² · 3 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms · A6964

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230 m² · 3 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · A6557

5,000 €

211 m² · 4 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · PA8810

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Where can I rent a luxury house in Madrid?

The best areas where to rent a luxury house in Madrid are Barrio de Salamanca, Los Jerónimos, Chamberí, El Viso and the urbanizations of La Moraleja, La Finca, Somosaguas, La Florida and Valdemarín in Aravaca. In all these neighborhoods and urbanizations we can find houses for rent that, due to their size and characteristics, we can call luxury homes.

These are the best areas to rent luxury homes in Madrid:

Barrio de Salamanca

Barrio de Salamanca is the most exclusive area of the city. It is a traditional luxury neighborhood built in the nineteenth century to house the homes of the upper bourgeoisie of Madrid. Its classic buildings, tree-lined streets, good services and the exclusivity of its commerce, make this neighborhood a perfect place to rent a luxury apartment in Madrid.

The best area of the neighborhood in the Golden Mile, an area bounded by the streets of Juan Bravo, Principe de Vergara, Jorge Juan and Paseo de la Castellana, which concentrates the most important luxury stores in the city and the most exclusive houses. There the rent of a luxury apartment can exceed 10,000 € per month. They are usually large stately homes with areas exceeding 200 square meters. In other areas of the neighborhood you can find luxury apartments for rent with lower prices, but they usually do not go below 4,000 € per month.

Retiro - los Jerónimos is another of the stately areas to rent a luxury apartment in Madrid. Next to the Salamanca neighborhood, it stands out for its palace buildings and its privileged environment. Surrounded by museums, monuments and the famous Retiro Park, green lung of the center of Madrid. Here we can find large luxury apartments and penthouses located in palatial buildings luxuriously decorated. Its rental prices are similar to those of the Salamanca neighborhood, but it is an area with little supply and much demand, so it is difficult to find a luxury apartment for rent in the Jerónimos.

Chamberí y Almagro

Chamberí y Almagro are other areas in the center of Madrid with good luxury homes for rent. Being old and central neighborhoods there are a large number of stately buildings with luxury apartments and penthouses for rent.

It is divided into six different areas: Gaztambide, Arapiles, Trafalgar, Almagro, Rios Rosas and Vallehermoso. The most luxurious and in demand are Trafalgar and Almagro. Almagro was an old residential area of the nobility and the high bourgeoisie, which has managed to preserve its buildings and mansions. Trafalgar, next to the most popular neighborhoods of Madrid, stands out for its large avenues and traffic circles. It is an area with a lot of nightlife and more lively than Almagro.

The rental price of a luxury apartment in Chamberí varies greatly depending on the street where it is, its dimensions, if it is exterior or not, and even on the floor of the building where it is. The higher floors have a higher demand and therefore a higher price. In the area you can rent apartments from 1.000 €/month. And although they are very small and usually interior apartments (with windows to the courtyard of the building), they tend to be rented quickly. Being very central neighborhoods the area is perfect for young people looking to rent a luxury apartment in Madrid. In the most important streets, such as Miguel Angel, Fortuny or Zurbano, rents increase to 4.000€ - 8.500€ per month. We are talking about large luxury apartments that exceed 150 m2 and in representative buildings.

Chamartín y El Viso

Chamartín district is a large neighborhood with all kinds of luxury homes for rent. The most exclusive areas are El Viso, a former colony near the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, and the buildings located on Paseo de la Castellana, opposite Azca and Nuevos Ministerios. El Viso stands out for its independent luxury homes with private gardens and sometimes swimming pools. It is a very wooded and quiet place, as its streets are not commercial, giving the feeling of living in a village, although we are located within the city. It is not easy to find luxury homes for rent in El Viso. A large majority of its villas are private schools, embassies and residences of the largest fortunes of the country. The price to rent a luxury apartment or villa in El Viso exceeds 4,000 € / month.

Further north of El Viso, and still within the Chamartin district, it is worth mentioning Nueva España. It is an area of residential buildings separated from each other, which stand out for the light that their apartments have. Between the buildings there are landscaped areas, which makes it a quiet place to live. There you can also find luxury townhouses for rent, especially around the Paseo de la Habana. Their rental prices are more varied, ranging from 1,200 €/month to 8,500 €/month.


On the outskirts of the city there are several developments with luxury homes for rent. Aravaca is a district in the west of Madrid that concentrates a large number of urbanizations. Valdemarín and La Florida stand out. Valdemarin is a new area where the most innovative luxury real estate projects of the moment are being developed. Known as the Beverly Hills of Madrid, it is located just a few kilometers from downtown and is very well connected to the rest of the city. La Florida is a traditional urbanization, with classic mansions and large detached villas, making it an ideal option if you are looking to rent a luxury home in Madrid.

In Aravaca you can rent luxury villas, apartments and penthouses in gated communities. Their prices range from 4,000 €/month, for a penthouse and apartment, to 7,500 €/month for a detached villa.


Another area with more luxury developments is Pozuelo de Alarcón. Within its municipal area are two of the most exclusive developments where to rent a luxury apartment in Madrid, La Finca and Somosaguas.

La Finca has become in the last 15 years in the luxury urbanization of reference in Spain. Among its neighbors are important soccer players, artists and businessmen. It is a very VIP area that offers its residents a lot of privacy and security. Renting a luxury home in La Finca exceeds 12,000 €/month. They are usually large homes with all kinds of luxuries.

Somosaguas is one of the most traditional and consolidated luxury developments in La Finca. It has been the place of residence of Madrid's nobility, businessmen and top-level politicians. Here most of the luxury homes that can be rented are luxury detached villas.

La Moraleja

Just 12 kilometers from the city center is the urbanization of La Moraleja. It is the most famous luxury urbanization in Spain due to the number of celebrities who live there. It is divided into three zones, each with its own conservation entity and independent security service.

The central part is the most prestigious as it concentrates the largest luxury villas and mansions. It is a very exclusive area with plots of more than one hectare of land and villas of more than 1,000 m2 built. The western part is called Soto de La Moraleja. It is made up of small developments of semi-detached villas, semi-detached villas and luxury apartments. Finally, the southern area is called El Encinar. It is a residential area of small developments of townhouses or luxury apartments like El Soto, but much more modern, since most of its houses were built in the late 90s.

The rental prices of a luxury house in La Moraleja, depends on the type of house and the area of the urbanization where it is located. A townhouse or apartment in El Soto can be rented for 2,500 €/month, while a detached villa in the central area of La Moraleja can be rented for more than 15,000 €/month.

Promora offers you a personalized and professional service to find the luxury house for rent of your dreams in Madrid. Our team of real estate agents will look for the property that best suits your needs and those of your family, will accompany you on visits to luxury homes, and will help you in negotiating with the owner, and if needed in adapting to your new home. If you want to see luxury homes for rent in Madrid, access our search engine for houses, villas and apartments or contact one of our offices located in La Moraleja, Aravaca, Barrio de Salamanca and Las Tablas. Find the best luxury houses and apartments for rent in Madrid with Promora.

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