A luxury home in the La Moraleja residential estate

We found 56 homes for sale in Arroyo de la Vega, Cuestablanca, El Encinar, El Soto, La Moraleja area

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Duplex for sale in Cuestablanca

156 m² · 3 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · V6941

890,000 €

A villa for sale with the best communal facilities in El Encinar and 24-hour security!!

410 m² · 5 bedrooms · 5 bathrooms · V5582

2,450,000 €

A terraced house for sale in Mirador de La Moraleja Residential Complex.

438 m² · 6 bedrooms · 5 bathrooms · V6895

1,650,000 €

An exclusive villa in La Moraleja. An outstanding design by Nacho Vicens.

1,000 m² · 7 bedrooms · 6 bathrooms · V6532

7,500,000 €

A grand mansion in La Moraleja with a beautiful garden and several annexes.

2,000 m² · 8 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms · V6453

7,700,000 €

Villa for sale in La Moraleja

1,600 m² · 13 bedrooms · 13 bathrooms · V0005

10,000,000 €

Harmony House. Exclusive. A spectacular brand new villa in La Moraleja.

950 m² · 6 bedrooms · 6 bathrooms · V6853

7,500,000 €


750 m² · 6 bedrooms · 7 bathrooms · V6917

6,950,000 €

Villa for sale in La Moraleja

880 m² · 4 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · V5891

5,950,000 €

La Moraleja and its surroundings

The ideal place to buy a luxury home in the north of Madrid is the prestigious residential estate of La Moraleja. Surrounded by greenery, it enjoys easy access to the rest of the city and to all the necessary services.

The area is divided into various residential areas with unique features. The most luxurious villas are found in the La Moraleja area. There are also exclusive residential estates with few terraced properties, especially near the golf courses. To the west is El Soto, an area that mainly features terraced properties and low-rise residential buildings. To the south is the new residential estate of El Encinar. Bordering Madrid, this is an area of recently built properties that are noted for their quality. The type of housing that can be found in El Encinar mainly consists of terraced properties, flats, and some detached properties.

Many of the most luxurious homes that can be found in Madrid are in this area. For many years, it has been the residential estate of choice where great fortunes, successful entrepreneurs, ambassadors, famous athletes and artists have decided to establish their residence. This is mainly due to its quiet streets and the proximity to the city centre. La Moraleja is an ideal place to live in luxury.

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