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A charming, terraced property with a garden in El Plantío.180 m² · 3 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms · PV8162

725,000 €

Villa for sale in Montealina800 m² · 5 bedrooms · 6 bathrooms · PV8085

1,750,000 €

Flat for sale in Nueva España248 m² · 3 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · MV4577

1,450,000 €

Flat for sale in El Encinar160 m² · 4 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · V5910

1,025,000 €

A spectacular property in the heart of Recoletos247 m² · 2 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms · MV4161

2,200,000 €

Flat for sale in Recoletos169 m² · 5 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · MV2453

1,400,000 €

Flat for sale in Valdemarín380 m² · 5 bedrooms · 7 bathrooms · PV5528

1,550,000 €

Flat for sale in Centro190 m² · 4 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · MV4574

1,350,000 €

A magnificent home in the heart of Barrio de Salamanca153 m² · 3 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms · MV4245

1,760,000 €

Flat for sale in Recoletos138 m² · 3 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms · MV4578

850,000 €

Flat for sale in Majadahonda82 m² · 2 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms · PV8347

500,000 €

A stunning 3-bedroom flat for rent in Arroyo de la Vega.149 m² · 4 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · V6569

695,000 €

Luxury homes in Madrid

Find your luxury home with Promora. We are a high-end real estate agency that specialises in luxury real estate for sale and rent in the most prestigious and exclusive neighbourhoods and residential estates in Madrid. We have a select catalogue of real estate properties in the most recognized and desired areas: flats and apartments for sale in the district of Salamanca, luxury homes and villas in exclusive residential estates, such as La Moraleja, La Finca, or Aravaca, or lofts with breathtaking views in the most coveted neighbourhoods of the capital. Discover how to live in luxury in Madrid. Promora provides a customised and professional service to help you find the house of your dreams. Our team of real estate agents will look for the property that best adapts to your needs and those of your family; they will accompany you to visit the house and help you to negotiate with the owner, deal with the paperwork and, if necessary, adapt to your new home. If you would like to see luxury properties for sale, please access our home, villa and flat search engine or contact one of our offices in La Moraleja, Aravaca, the district of Salamanca, or Las Tablas. We also have properties for rent in Madrid. Rent the best luxury homes in Madrid.