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14,000,000 €

1,800 m² · 7 bedrooms · 6 bathrooms · V7024

7,575,000 €

1,110 m² · 6 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · V0732

2,100,000 €

600 m² · 7 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · PV8424

2,950,000 €

700 m² · 6 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · PV8444

2,800,000 €

800 m² · 6 bedrooms · 5 bathrooms · PV8170
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2,900,000 €

1,768 m² · 8 bedrooms · 11 bathrooms · PV8640

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6,500,000 €

670 m² · 8 bedrooms · 8 bathrooms · PV8587
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Exclusive properties for sale in Madrid

Find your exclusive home in Madrid with Promora. We are a high-standing real estate agency specialising in the sale of real estate in the most luxurious and exclusive neighbourhoods and developments in Madrid. We have an exclusive catalogue of real estate properties in the most renowned and desirable areas: flats and apartments for sale in Barrio de Salamanca, luxury detached houses and villas in such protected residential areas as La Moraleja, La Finca or Aravaca, or penthouses with stunning views, in the most coveted neighbourhoods of the Spanish capital. Discover how to live in luxury in Madrid. Promora offers a personalised and professional service to help you find the home of your dreams. Our team of estate agents will search for the property that best suits your and your family's needs, accompany you on home visits, help you negotiate with the owner, deal with the paperwork, and, if necessary, help you adapt your new home.

What is a luxury home?

The most important factor for a house to be considered a luxury or high-end property is its location. Many people think that when we talk about luxury, we are referring to expensive, spacious homes of the highest quality. These are additional features, but the most critical aspect is the street, neighbourhood or residential area where the property is located. A 50 m² flat in Madrid's Barrio de Salamanca is not the same as a penthouse in Barrio del Pilar. The penthouse might even be more expensive, but the exclusivity of Barrio de Salamanca means that the flat is considered a luxury property. A good location will always be in high demand, and even if it is an older property, it can always be refurbished and updated to suit the tastes of the new owners. Living in a good building in the best part of town has always been considered a luxury.

In which parts of Madrid are there more luxury homes?

In the centre of Madrid, the neighbourhoods with the most luxury homes are Barrio de Salamanca, the area of Los Jerónimos, Chamberí and Chamartín. Barrio de Salamanca is perhaps the most traditional luxury area of Madrid. Its traditional buildings, tree-lined streets, excellent services, and exclusive shops make this district the place of choice for many families with high purchasing power. The renowned Golden Mile is located here, an area bordered by Juan Bravo, Príncipe de Vergara, and Jorge Juan streets and Paseo de la Castellana, which concentrates the city's most distinguished luxury shops and the most exclusive houses. The price of a property in these streets can reach €18,000/m². You can find more affordable prices on other streets in the district but not below €6,000/m². It is also possible to find flats in this area that need to be renovated and are slightly more affordable. The advantage is that the house can be adapted to the taste of the new owner, who can be sure that the investment will always pay off quickly due to the long-standing quality and demand in this district.

Homes in el Barrio de Salamanca

Almost adjacent to the Golden Mile are the Retiro and Los Jerónimos. These properties are located in the centre of Madrid but in a privileged environment. They are close to Retiro Park and in the heart of Madrid's museum district, just a few steps from the Prado Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. A highly privileged part of Madrid, surrounded by major monuments, large public buildings, such as the Madrid City Hall, and landscaped areas. Living in Los Jerónimos is a privilege available to very few. Its palatial buildings are impressive. Built mostly during the 19th century for the most influential figures in the city, you can still admire their lavish details and outstanding workmanship. Elegantly decorated facades, large windows, entrances with marble staircases and antique lifts made with all kinds of classic details. Many of these buildings have a single flat per floor; therefore, you can find flats with a floor area exceeding 400 m². All this, coupled with the high price per square metre, close to €18,000, means that some flats are worth more than ten million euros.

Homes in Retiro and Los Jerónimos

Chamberí is a district in the centre of Madrid where you can also find luxury homes. Being a large and central area, you can find all kinds of flats, but the buildings on the main avenues and near Paseo de la Castellana mostly contain high-end flats. Depending on the area, the value of the properties may be higher or lower. It is divided into six zones: Gaztambide, Arapiles, Trafalgar, Almagro, Ríos Rosas and Vallehermoso. The most exclusive are Trafalgar and Almagro. Here, you can find flats priced between €7,000 and €9,000/m². Although some, in prime locations, can fetch up to €18,000/m².

Almagro was once the residential area for the nobility and gentry and has managed to preserve its buildings and mansions. In the French style, its mansions are now embassies and luxury hotels, bringing elegance to its streets. Trafalgar, close to Madrid's most traditional and popular districts, stands out for its grand avenues and roundabouts. This area is a nightlife hotspot and is more lively than Almagro.

Homes in Chamberí

Within Madrid, the Chamartín district is the last area where we can find luxury homes. It is a large neighbourhood with all types of housing but includes some exclusive areas. We are referring, for example, to El Viso. A truly privileged location where most of the homes are detached houses. The luxury of living in a villa, with a private garden and sometimes a pool, but in the city centre. There is also the district of Nueva España, which stands out for its large buildings separated from each other by landscaped grounds. Sales prices in this area can be lower than in other more central, upscale neighbourhoods. Between €7,000 and €8,000/m².

Homes in Chamartín

The outskirts of Madrid are dotted with several residential developments with many luxury properties. La Moraleja, in the northern part of the city and La Finca, in the municipality of Pozuelo, stand out above all others.

Just 12 kilometres from the city centre is the residential area of La Moraleja. It is the postal code with the highest per capita income in Spain. Since it was built in the 1950s on a private hunting ground, it has become the preferred place of residence of prominent businessmen, diplomats and famous sportspersons. These famous neighbours have made the name of La Moraleja recognisable worldwide. The residential development is divided into three zones, each with its own maintenance and independent security service. The central part is the most exclusive, as it contains the largest villas and mansions. It is a highly exclusive area with plots of land measuring more than one hectare and villas with a gross floor area of more than 1,000 m². Some of these properties can be worth more than 10 million euros. The selling price in this part of La Moraleja is between 6,000 and 9,000 €/m².

The western part is known as Soto de La Moraleja. It comprises small residential developments of terraced houses, semi-detached houses and flats. These are gated communities where the residents share gardens, pools and sports facilities. Here, properties sell for between €5,000 and €8,000/m².

Finally, the southern area is called El Encinar. It is a residential complex built on the land where the US military personnel stationed at the Torrejón de Ardoz base used to live. When the military left in the 1990s, the area was redeveloped, and a multitude of luxury villas and flats were built. It is a more modern area than Soto, but prices are similar.

Homes in La Moraleja

Pozuelo de Alarcón has many luxury residential developments within its municipal boundaries, making it the area with the highest per capita income in Spain. Its proximity to the centre of Madrid, its large houses and its natural surroundings make it the preferred option for many wealthy Spaniards and businessmen. It is divided into several independent residential complexes, each with its own unique characteristics. La Finca and Somosaguas stand out among them.

Over the last 15 years, La Finca has become Spain's leading luxury residential complex. Apart from wealthy individuals, some of its illustrious neighbours include Real Madrid players and other top sportspersons. La Finca is known for being one of the safest residential areas in Madrid. Its streets are privately owned, its entire outer perimeter fenced, and only residents and guests are allowed access. Famous and wealthy people highly value this level of security. The residential development is divided into three different areas. The most exclusive is Los Lagos I, where you will find mansions built on large plots providing a high level of privacy and surrounded by landscaped gardens and artificial lakes. Los Lagos II is an area with terraced and semi-detached properties. Finally, the Prado Largo area is reserved for residential buildings with many luxury flats and penthouses.

Situated close to La Finca is Somosaguas, one of Madrid's most traditional and consolidated luxury residential developments. Promoted in 1950 by Banco Urquijo, it became the place of residence of Madrid's nobility, businessmen and leading politicians over the following decades. Most of the homes in Somosaguas are detached villas, many built by renowned architects in the 1970s and 1980s. In these residential developments in Pozuelo de Alarcón, the average price is between €4,000 and €7,000/m².

Homes in Pozuelo

Aravaca is another of the districts in the west of Madrid that contains many luxury homes. Its location within the city limits, its proximity to the Casa de Campo and Monte del Pardo and its low-rise houses make it an ideal area in which to reside. Within Aravaca, the most outstanding areas are Valdemarín and La Florida, a traditional residential development where their classic mansions have been refurbished in recent years. However, Valdemarín is a new area where the most innovative luxury real estate projects are being developed. Sales prices per square metre in Aravaca range from €4,000 to €7,000/m².

Homes in Aravaca

Ultra-luxury homes

Ultra-luxury homes are on another level. Houses that, in addition to an excellent location, boast features that make them unique. For example, it could be their size. It is possible to find flats measuring more than 400 m² in the centre of Madrid or villas with a floor area of more than 1,000 m² in its most prestigious residential development. They are amazing houses; with a careful design, the best quality materials, high-level security, the latest technology and outstanding facilities (a garage for more than five cars, several pools, terraces in various atmospheres, etc...). The best of the best.

We are talking about properties starting at 5 million euros and reaching up to 20 million euros. These are extremely exclusive properties for a specific type of buyer. At Promora, we have been selling similar unique properties for over 40 years, thanks to our international contacts and prestige. We are the luxury real estate agency with the highest customer ratings.


The most exclusive residential complexes in Madrid include a large number of mansions, either newly built or in need of refurbishment. We are referring to large detached houses with a gross floor area of more than 1,000 m² on plots of land measuring more than one hectare. Traditionally, residential developments, such as La Moraleja, Somosaguas and La Florida, tend to contain the greatest number of mansions in Madrid. In recent years, large, modern villas, which can be considered mansions in their own right, have been built in La Finca.

Which is the most expensive house in Madrid?

It isn't easy to know which is the most expensive house in Madrid as a new record is set every year. Four years ago, a penthouse in Lagasca Street was sold for 13 million euros (€18,000/m²). And last year, Promora sold a penthouse in Los Jerónimos for more than 14 million euros (€19,000/m²).

When discussing the most expensive house in Madrid, we are referring to final prices; actual closed transactions. There are some houses for sale in Madrid with prices in the region of 20 million euros, but when a purchase agreement is reached, the final price will probably be lower. Our catalogue includes a modern mansion in La Moraleja with an asking price of around 18 million euros. As these houses are usually on the market for several years until a suitable buyer is found, it is difficult to know the final selling price.

If you wish to buy a luxury property in Madrid, access our search engine for houses, villas and flats or contact one of our offices in La Moraleja, Aravaca, Barrio de Salamanca and Las Tablas. We also have properties for rent in Madrid.

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