El Soto, the area with the largest number of terraced houses in La Moraleja

El Soto is the area that concentrates most terraced houses in the prestigious residential estate of La Moraleja. While most of the properties we can find in La Moraleja are villas, El Soto is divided into small private residential estates of terraced houses or flats. They are usually private estates with gardens, a communal pool and, in some cases, sports facilities and a pleasant family atmosphere. Given the type of the properties, this is a more affordable area. However, it provides the same services and quality of life as the rest of La Moraleja.

You can find all kinds of townhouses for sale in El Soto. From old terraced houses in need of renovating to new properties with a more modern and updated design. To find the perfect terraced houses for you and your family, please contact us so that our agents can help you and provide personalised information.