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We found 15 homes for sale in Pozuelo area

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A wonderful terraced house in Pozuelo North217 m² · 4 bedrooms · 2 bathrooms · PV7597

890,000 €

Flat for sale in Pozuelo236 m² · 4 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · PV8308

1,250,000 €

Villa for sale in Pozuelo420 m² · 4 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · PV8306

1,430,000 €

An ideal flat for investors near Pozuelo Station.96 m² · 2 bedrooms · 1 bathroom · PV8282

370,000 €

A villa with a pool, excellent layout, and unobstructed views in La Cabaña, Pozuelo.571 m² · 7 bedrooms · 5 bathrooms · PV8254

1,190,000 €

An exclusive house on a 6-hectare estate just a few minutes from Madrid.1,000 m² · 7 bedrooms · 9 bathrooms · PV7908

10,500,000 €

A charming semi-detached property in La Cabaña.386 m² · 4 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · PV8104

850,000 €

Villa for sale in Pozuelo300 m² · 4 bedrooms · 3 bathrooms · PV7877

1,049,000 €

A charming villa with a pool in Pozuelo de Alarcón.370 m² · 7 bedrooms · 4 bathrooms · PV8193

1,125,000 €

Pozuelo de Alarcón, the area with the greatest number of residential estates in Madrid

Pozuelo de Alarcón is a municipality in the western part of Madrid. The town is only 15 kilometres from Madrid and enjoys easy access to various modes of transport. If you would like a flat or villa in Pozuelo, Promora has a portfolio that includes a wide range of ideal luxury properties for any type of customer; small homes to be enjoyed by few people or villas to build a family atmosphere. We have villas and terraced properties, always surrounded by beautiful gardens and views. Properties in Pozuelo de Alarcón come in various architectural styles, from modern homes in a modern style to classic buildings. In addition, our luxury villas are in an excellent location, near schools and surrounded by parks. If you would like to acquire a property in Pozuelo, please contact us personally or view the catalogue on our website.