The best areas in the centre of Madrid

The central district includes the oldest areas of Madrid. Promora only offers properties in the best areas. Although all types of properties can be found in this district, the most luxurious homes are to be found in the neighbourhoods of Palacio, Justicia, and Cortes. Palacio is one of the most impressive areas to go for a walk and learn about the history of the city. It is noted for its narrow pedestrian streets and for its historical buildings and monuments, such as the Royal Palace, the Sabatini Gardens, the Casa de la Villa, or the Opera House of Madrid. This neighbourhood also features large stately flats in outstanding stately buildings, unique properties in Madrid that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Justicia, whose name comes from the fact that the Supreme Court is located here, also features ancient flats, which are quite large, and fully-renovated lofts. The areas of Chueca and Tribal are noted for being the most important commercial areas of the city. Finally, Cortes features properties of great interest, especially in the buildings near the Paseo de la Castellana.