Residential estates in Pozuelo

Pozuelo de Alarcón is the wealthiest municipality in Madrid thanks to the large number of luxurious residential estates in the area. It is in an excellent location, very close to the city centre and surrounded by green areas, sports facilities, and fantastic schools and universities. The most outstanding residential estate in the area is La Finca. This is an ideal and exclusive location known for the stunning architecture of its villas, it careful landscaping, and the quality of its facilities. It is the safest residential estate in Europe and, consequently, many celebrities have moved there in recent years. Nearby we have Somosaguas. This residential estate is older than La Finca but it still enjoys an aura of exclusiveness. Somosaguas features large mansions and exclusive villas designed by prestigious architects. Other residential estates in Pozuelo include Monteclaro, Montealina, Monteprincipe and Prado Largo.